Art and Me, We’re Having Fun!


Background close-ups: paint, cloth, thread, ink, crackle medium, collage, re-purposed file folder, washi tape, black gesso, pen, pencil.

I’ve felt the pull of making art for so long, it feels good to surrender to the sweet seduction of play and fun. I’m still writing and taking photographs, but right now making art pulls me out of bed in the morning. I miss it when I’m away from my art table, I daydream ideas for it, I watch videos about it. It keeps me sane, makes me break out in spontaneous humming, and when it might look like I’m talking to myself while I rummage around for art supplies, I’m actually having a discussion with my art muse.

I have no big plans or goals about art, no reason for making it except that it fills me up with an undefinable goodness. I have no idea where it’s taking me, or of we’re going anywhere at all. When I feel myself balk with “must have a practical goal or I am wasting my time,” I send myself to take a bubble bath or on one of those meandering walks that reminds me how much fun it is to allow the mystery to unravel in its own time.

In between all the inevitable pains and heartaches of living, let’s have fun. Even when we have goals it can be fun. Life is one huge creative act and that creativity can help us navigate the inevitable suffering and help us have a hell of a blast the rest of the time.  I could go on for a while about fun, all its nuances and shapes – but we each know the things that make our hearts sing, or maybe they make our heart feel stretched out and ready to burst because we keep holding back.

What’s asking for a burst of expression from you? Oh, I really do want to know!

Much Love

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  1. Such a good point to do Art to have fun and because it fills you up. I have stepped so far away from my Studio it is obscene. Ever since D died almost two years ago I have barley touched my paintings and drawings. Like you said, I dream of them and I will look at a painting or a drawing and feel the pull but then I fall back and don’t touch it. I know I will get back to it but one of my greatest blocks is the idea of a goal. I think Art school created a monster there. I think if I am created I need to be working on a body of work.

    Also the fact that I have limited time and I have so many damn interests keeps me from the studio. Thanks for the reminder to have fun.

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