New Moon Weekend Chronology

new moon

Resting Enfolded in Wings

The new moon comes when the moon hides inside the glare of the sun. A time to rest, assess, begin again, let go of mistakes and celebrate all that went well.


Early morning yoga – it’s chilly, my muscles tighten with resistance and then the warm rush of muscles releasing. I lose the rhythm of my breath, find it again in the stillness of child’s pose and the scent of Sweet-grass helps remind me of my feral nature.

new moon

A new moon bath – sinking into the water, light reflects off the water and the sliding glass door in blue and green tinged white, the ‘plink-plink’ off water dripping from my wet hair, the scent of Clary Sage soap rises with the steam of the hot bath.

The rest of the day – long naps with intermissions of journaling, reading poetry in the new (to me) Catamaran Reader, rambling conversations with the sweet man.



Morning swim – Floating in the pool looking up at the June cloud cover begin to break apart leaving trails of blue and white ripples across the sky, the glide of water across my skin, drying in the sun with my extra big yellow sunglasses reading Jenna McGuiggan’s article in Bella Grace.


Organizing – bits of writing notes, making a list of the next steps for the projects I’m working on, noting, with a deep breath of satisfaction, the check-marks by the things I’ve accomplished so far.


Writing- the soft ‘tap-tap’ of my fingers on the keyboard, new posts, new poetry, the soft whir of the fan in the background, inspiration rising up out of the hum of my thoughts, backspacing, rewriting, the “yes, these. This.” when the right words move across my screen, the dash and splash of color in my art journal.

2013-08-31 14.24.14

At the Keyboard

Cooking – onion, tomatoes, mushrooms sizzle in the skillet, the bubble and steam when I add the chickpeas, chicken baked with the sweet man’s oh-s0-good blend of spices.


In the Kitchen

Cleaning – everything propped off the floor, pulled away from baseboard, the roar and whir of the vacuum, the cats scurry up to their secret resting places, the sweet smell of orange peels.



Anaheim-Santa Ana-Garden Grove-20120320-00073

Miss Nikki

And now, one good and messy day at a time, we live into the fullness of the moon to come. Saying yes to it all.

Much love.


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  2. I love this post and your weekend. I want to come and hang with you. I shared this on my blog today. I need to learn more about the new moon being time to replenish and rest. I think I have been missing out.

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