Summer Portraits

summer When Summer Solstice came around this year, I greeted it with contradicting feelings – I love trips to the beach, swimming and the delectable melons that arrive in our CSA boxes, but when the heat pumps up over 85 degrees or the humidity dips to single digits and then within a few days jumps so high I turn into an aggravated little puddle, that’s when Summer and I have a hard time working out our issues. Even though I’m a Fall/Winter kind of girl, there’s always something to delight in no matter the season.






After a Vanilla Honey Sugar Scrub




Wishing you delight all Summer long!

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  1. Your photos are so lovely. This summer has been blessedly cool here in Detroit. I am loving it. Perfect 75 degrees low humidity and sun shine. Others are complaining saying they want more heat they want summer but considering 6 months ago it 30 below every freaking day. this is bliss. Hugs, Kira

  2. There is so much I love about the summer. That said, I am very grateful that we have air conditioning in our house.

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